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My ride F10 528i was opticoated by Seech 14 months ago. Recently noted some waterspots/stains on my bonnet and boot. Called KC up for an early appointment. Managed to send in my ride on 29/07/2013 afternoon. KC was extremely kind. Examined my car for any paint defects. Amazingly the water beading was damn good even after 1 year plus of opticoating. KC did a complimentary touch up for my bonnet and boot area. As usual with his magical skills the final outcome was awesome. Thanks KC for a well done job...
Tqs sir for yr kind words 
Picture will be share shortly

Mean time we did a couple of touch up too

Just today mr Pak was there to get his car coated again after an accident 

This is another 
We recently touch up

as part of our commitment is to help all our Alien Coated car to providing them after sales service

this car was coated 2 years ago and recently met in another accident, which we have done the first re coating (includes in paint correction) without any charges & now

the rear bonnet was being polish while the front bonnet, bumper, both fender, side has be repainted. 

As soon as it is repainted the owner call me for appoint ment

30 days later 

scuffs and rids visible


micro marring at the front right fender

on the front bonnet

side body (Right side ) rear

repainted door

before left (rear) door after right (front door)
careful paint correction after 30 days cure after repainting


tada after paint corrections

the rear lights was deeply and badly scratched

all the way down to the bumper


ta da after paint corrrections

water mark on the repainted 

after paint correction

ta da

polishing residues found on the unpainted area

ta da after deep cleaning and vinyl recondition

presenting you a new ride again

ta da

sun shots

rear bonnet

gloss and depth being restore

the rear wing