once again we are very blessed to be able to get our hands on.......on this rare........designation to highlight its strictly limited production run of 500 individually numbered vehicles, all of which offered for customers to purchase. Each RS500 carries a metal plaque on the centre console, hand-engraved with a unique identification number from 001 to 500

There are loads more thrills, spills and sensational supercars, too.The infamous Ford Focus RS which was loved by Jeremy Clarkson..

not just another hatch but 300bhp powered hot hatches...a quintet of retro-livered Focus RSs, A limited production run of 500 units (101 of them for Britain) will be produced.

Kilometer from a standstill: 25.4s (the fastest front wheel drive car in this particular exercise - this time was recorded by the Belgian magazine "Le Moniteur Automobile")

The engine will send its power to the front wheels, but will use an active limited-slip differential - E-diff - that will optimize traction in all driving situations

so it came with unexpected paint issues

drifted issue called.....H...........O....RROR.....gram

added our local spice of Tropical rains & acid contaminations

more washing swirls...or little

lets find out together

there comes rids....random isolated deep scratches 

prep work carefully carried out by our team....

carefully......even fragile precaution remove....prevent damaged...as we cannot afford to hurt this rare babe



see what i mean...under proper lighting and in focus pic



lets mark it


ta da

before damages

after restorations



before after



after careful paint restorations

Mark of the centenary of Ford in UK - ' Ford TeamRS 'is Ford Motor Company's European performance car and motorsport division for Ford Racing activity. The Ford RS badge was born for rally racing, the RS stands for Rallye Sport.

more ta da

careful wheel clean and prep and coated

carefully restored

awesome ....killing looks

from here



the complete rear

after hours and hours of paint correction ...finally a protection alien coat applied...to protect her premenantly

with this careful restorations step



her rear

from rag

ta da


more drooling pic

my favorite

killling rite

another hot hatched

thanks for viewing yet another productions of alien at Detailiens.com