Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Beast F30 335 BMW Opti coat

Thank God for this wonderful opportunity to be able to detail and coat one of the most sort after ride!!!

She is such a gorgeous and hot to handle! As fast as a camero SS, superb in respond and easily tweaks for additional 100horse with the slight less effort!! Great handling and speed makes most others jealous of her! Superb way of pampering yrself in the comfort ride specs! Not only keyless but fingerless to pop up the boot by swiping yr legs at the diffuser!

Having a price tag of F10 almost twice of its series is something to envy about......

More and more tech and speed of course......which also known as the BEAST

More details of this detail after the link below:

Without further delay......sharing with u ......

Pay attention to the details

Another sad scene

Swirls and RIDs all over the body and paint!!!

How can it happen on this luxurious ride!!!!!

Holograms visible to show it has been polish prior handling to the owner

That's is he reason I reckon every new car buyer must collect their car at noon and check carefully under the sun

Eg another F30 328 we detail last week

Inspire of the owner instruction to BMW dealer "not to wash or wax the car at delivery " 

Rids swirls and worst of all birds dropping!!!! Which caused along the journey into our land, from shipment and storage yard !!!!! Making it worst the people who handle it

Water spots has stains/damage the entire car paint and all glasses only to show it has been kept at open air and neglected !!! Therefore a quick polish would be the remedy but in the wrong hands is vey damaging ! Of such in the 4th picture shown the holograms (improper way of handling the paint correction ) and now become a threat

Reason being ......the paint is getting thinner 

lesser by 20 than the F10

Now how would u want any person to polish your car without the measurement and to ensure how much to be polish aka removed!

The owner himself happy to have this beast but the stains from last week prayer can't be cleaned 

The over run anti rust melts and contaminates the under hood 

So much so till the head lights get contaminated

Least u expect for this ultimate beast

it came with much dirt

always begin yr thorough wash from the wheels the most contaminated site

so much so .....every bimmers just hate to drive after a good wheel clean....of which speaking of my own experience as well

dirt easily agitated and dissolved ....with alien clean 1:3 water 

more with road tars contamination

effortlessly remove with alien clean ( carcinogen class 3 free - no more cancer agent causing caustic cleaners use) 

super duper anti grease - I will find you 

effortlessly removed by alien clean again

rubber cap is removed for further cleaning

now u see

and now u dont

alien clean must be safe for me and my buddy cars

______________________________moving to some paint imperfection____________________________________hologram

caused by improper handling machines polishing - 

what a grogeous colour for a fast ride

look carefuly what has been magnify

why dealer need to preps aka Polish prior delivery - this car came from a long way (almost 1/2 way around the globe) - open air storing - improper car washing - wrong hands handling it - resulting this on a 1/2 mil car!!!!!!

the rear

more rids - very challenging to be captured in this colour

we will make sure each paint is taken prior starting of correction work as to know how much paint is needed or can be removed

before - sun is the best light

what u cant see u cant correct - so imitating sun
my LED

ta da


ta da

paint is being redefine again

gloss being restores


best protection for uncoated aka unpainted area

protected not just by Opti coat but after 10 hours of paint corrections and restoration

what a day

of depth and paint reflection after being restores

another beast protected - for days to come

ta da

not just any other but the ultimate 335

look again the unpainted are now are protected against oxidation and contaminant to come

once upon time

ta da

ta da

i let the pic say 

sparkling beast ready for action

There is no doubt that the new F30 335 is a real performance car, which is insanely fast. Furthermore, it looks quite good and aggressive and the interior is just awesome. Of course, it is a bit pricey, but the good things are expensive and this car is not just good… it is brilliant.
interior before

ta da after opti clean - spray and swipe

remember this contaminant & stains left on the speedo metre!!

The F30 335i is powered by a 3.0 liter in-line six-cylinder twin-turbocharged petrol developing 300HP (224 kW) and 407Nm (300 lb-ft) of torque. The engine is mated to the new ZF 8-speed automatic transmission, which sends all that power to the rear wheels, where electronically controlled differential takes care about the traction in every road conditions
ta da - after TLC restorations

no magic but lots of sweat and hard work

excellent display for the control 

now ready 

head light are protected

A twin-scroll turbine housing means there’s little turbo lag to contend with, and working the engine hard produces a satisfyingly smooth inline-six howl.

It shines brighter though when the 335i is shown a set of curvy roads, and it darts through corners with little body roll and excellent traction

A bit more
11 hours of labour and much prayers..........finale it is ready to face the sound!!!!!!!

The gloss the definition and the details is protected by the ultimate opti coat

THe beast

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