Wednesday, May 16, 2012

ULTIMATE Driving Machine OptiCoated by the detailiens


Sheer Driving Pleasure???

I personally prefer the old BMW tagline of the Ultimate Driving Machine...

And this....., is the ULTIMATE Ultimate Driving Machine!

This is our detailing journey of the UUDM....

Check out the size of the rear lower arms! Required to tame 560 bhp!

Signature twin-exhaust pipes!

More radiators/coolers than I can count with my fingers!





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KC kneeling before BMW royalty! :-)

None other than the BMW F10M M5!!!

If you see this coming.... better get out of its way before it eats you for breakfast.

Many thanks to the owner for entrusting his precious ride to the detailiens to detail and protect with Optimum OptiCoat.

My favorite view of this ///M Monster...

Awesome Monte Carlo blue!

The heart of the beast! 4.4-litre V8 engine, 560 hp (418 kW) and 502 lb·ft (681 N·m) of torque!

First up, cleaning and decontaminating the paint with alien No-Rinse and alien clean mixed in for more cleaning power applied with the Optimum Opti-Mitt.

The paint surface was then clayed with detailien alien No-Rinse as a lube to ensure that the surface is clear of any above surface paint contamination.

Here is sifu KC cleaning the front vents with alien clean, a detailing brush and photographing the process at the same time!

Detailed inspection of the massive M5 wheels before cleaning.

Safely cleaning the M5 wheels with alien clean and a microfiber wheel cleaning 'brush'.

Cleaning the wheel nuts with alien clean and a detailing brush.

Rinsing off....

Now onto the paintwork. Under some partial morning sun... looks good.

Closeup of the beautiful Monte Carlo blue paint.

Sifu KC inspecting the paint under halogen lighting.

Also looks good!

Onto the hood....

We found some very severe watermarks in certain areas of the paint. Due to the color of the paint it was very difficult to pick up but under the right lighting the watermarks were very obvious.

More on the roof...

The presence of the watermarks on the original factory paint highlights the benefits of OptiCoating your car as after coating, any watermark or defect removal will only be removing the coating and not the original factory paint which is still protected beneath the coating. Not only that, the OptiCoat is harder, more scratch/chemical resistant than the factory clearcoat and forms a permanent protective barrier on top of the original paint.

As with all paint correction, we always start with the least aggressive method and out with the Optimum Hyper Polish/Optimum Double-Sided Red Foam and the Makita 9227C rotary.

After several passes, the watermarks were still evident and we had to switch to a more aggressive paint correction with the Optimum Hyper Compound/Optimum Double-Sided Wool Pad and the Makita 9227C rotary.

Sifu KC compounding the roof.


The compounding was followed again by the polishing combo and finished off with the Flex3401 with the new Optimum MicroFiber polishing pads and the Optimum Hyper Polish.

Didn't manage to take a picture of the MF system but here is a picture of it from another detail.

After paint correction, it was time to clean up the crevices and also the engine bay.

The magnificent heart of the beast...

Optimum OptiClean was used as it is very convenient without the need for water or rinsing.

OptiClean can also be used with a detailing brush.

Oil stains on the air filter assembly....

No problem for OptiClean.

Sifu KC carrying out the IPA wipedown to ensure the paint is 100% clean before applying the OptiCoat.

Nice shine after correction. Ready for OptiCoat.

The Optimum Coating...

and the other Optimum products used in this detail.

The interior was also given a quick wipe down with Optimum OptiClean to clean the lovely seats which were also protected with Optimum Leather Protectant.

Awesome stitching on the steering wheel.

330 km/h!!!???!!!

The M5 kickplates still had their protective plastic sheets in place giving them a matching bluish tint.

In case you didn't know where the M5 was made.

19" or 20" tires?

All done...

Some after pictures....enjoy.

My favorite shot of the day. This is what an M5 is about.

Many thanks again to the owner for entrusting us to protect his precious ride. He is a 100% BMW car guy and has had some awesome Ultimate Driving Machines!

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  1. Waaah, the first F10 M5 in the country (that I believe also has a younger M3 brother in the same garage). Well done KC! (need to wipe my drooling.. he he )