Thursday, December 22, 2011

detailien @ exoticmods with ZTH for the Honda Hot Import Nights

A short phone call from my buddy KC.

A simple quick detail.

A change of plans.

6 hours... 10 showcars... 2 supercars... much blood, sweat and tears(???) later...




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It all started with a short phone call from my buddy KC. Tom of ZeroToHundred needed to get his mini detailed for the Honda Hot Import Nights car show.

It was a really last minute request and after some head scratching and rescheduling... I ended up at ExoticMods on a Friday evening.

Kermit the frog... with signs of the usual dirt and grime from regular use.

As there was no room in the ExoticMods garage, I started out in the outside car park.

No water? No problem!

One bucket mixed with Optimum No-Rinse to clean the car.

Plenty of tar!!!

Optimum Power Clean was used for the more stubborn stains...

OPC also used for the brake calipers and wheels.

Agitate with a soft bristle brush.

After washing the car was taped off. Unfortunately, there wasn't enough time for a complete correction so a polish was carried out to remove the surface contamination and minor swirls and to give it a shine before the car show.

Swirls galore!!!

The Flex3401 was paired with a polishing pad and Optimum Hyper Polish to clean the paint, remove some light swirls and leave behind an awesome shine!

The paint was sealed with Optimum Opti-Seal followed by Optimum Instant Detailer & Gloss Enhancer to give it the maximum gloss and shine!

I'm pretty happy with the results considering what little time we had.

Reflections off the roof.

I love this shot!!! Look a the gloss! The paint looks dripping wet!!!

As I was halfway working on the Mini... KC showed up and started work on the Lamborghini Gallardo.

As there were space constraints we were not able to access the water supply. No problem again. The Raging Bull was cleaned with Optimum No-Rinse and the new Optimum Opti-Mitt. Optimum Opti-Seal was applied followed by Optimum Car Wax for a show car shine.

About halfway through we were joined by Lai (DarkAcoon on ZTH), a crazy detailing enthusiast, who was a great help in washing and preparing the other showcars on that night.

My deepest gratitude and appreciation goes out to him for sacrificing his time until past midnight to complete all of the cars on time.

Next up, the ExoticMods track GTI.

Optimum Power Clean was used to remove the dirt and grime from all of the trackdays.

Nice and clean on the LHS.

More proof of the POWER of POWER CLEAN!!!

While Lai and myself worked on cleaning the cars, KC sealed the paint with Opti-Seal followed by Optimum Car Wax to give the cars a nice shine for the car show.

I like the green of this VW Scirocco...

My favorite shot of the night...

The matt blue ExoticMods Audi R8.

Looks like the blue M&M.

Lai using Optimum Power Clean on the R8.

I like this shot as well.

Still smiling for the camera after so many hours....

KC also started to work on Tom's V12 BMW E34 monster!!!

Cutting with the Flex3401 with a foam cutting pad.

I followed behind with the Flex3401 with a polishing pad.

Nice shine on Tom's battleship grey E34.

The Lambo then received some new shoes...

Not just any Gallardo but a Superleggera.

A light drizzle passed by while the Lambo was parked outside. Nice beading!

KC touching up the Lambo before delivery.

50/50 beading shot.

The heart of the Raging Bull.

Spaghetti Aglio Olio?

The end of a long, long night!!!

It was a pleasure working on all of these cars and enjoyed suffering with my buddy KC and also Lai.

Check out: www.detailien.com for more post and info on the range of Optimum products.

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